Place of articulation refers to the place in the mouth where a consonant’s sound comes from.

The following video provides an in-depth description and examples of place of articulation. (The video also includes information about Manner of articulation and voicing.)
Place of articulation
The following image is a visual representation of all the possible places of articulation.

There are 7 major places of articulation.

Labial Sounds- a sound that requires the use of one or both of the lips.

Labiodental - A sound where the lower lip is raised to the upper teeth.

Interdental - A sound made by putting the tongue between the teeth or just behind the upper teeth.

Alveolar- when the tongue tip is raised to the alveolar ridge. The ridge right behind the upper teeth.


Palatal - Sounds made when the tongue is raised to the roof of the mouth.


Velar-Sounds made when the back part of the tongue is raised to the soft palate, the area right behind the palate.


Glottal Sounds- Sounds made at the larynx, the back of the throat.